Meet the Maker

Hello! Welcome to my shop. I'm Paola, and my mission is to create really terrific products that are pure food for the skin, so you can benefit from nature's butters, oils and extracts. Since I was very young, my mother and aunts instilled in me a fascination about the intention of nature's ingredients on the hair and body. After a series of events that heavily inspired me, I launched this dream in June 2019 as a side project and have never looked back. I put my soul and creative energy not only into handcrafting these products, but into designing the packaging as well. Each collection has its own design, and is meant to look beautiful or fun in your home, depending on the soul and vibe of the collection.

For those who don't know me, I graduated from the University of Maryland, and am now getting my M.A in Integrated Design from the University of Baltimore. I work in marketing by day and experiment with natures ingredients by night. I absolutely love it.

I hope you enjoy the collections as much as I love formulating them. The brand is constantly evolving as I continue being inspired, so I hope you will join my journey with me.

Thank you for visiting my pagehappy shopping.